Denirée Isabel

Barkcloth and Me 


Bark Cloth (1900 - 1970) by unknown maker(s), Venezuela, bark

denirée isabel, Barkcloth and Me (2023), interactive PDF

Follow denirée isabel as she investigates the relationship between herself and the origins of Barkcloth: From Northern South America, Venezuela. Informed by the artist’s own ancestry DNA results. 
We explore the regions of the world that make up the ethnography of Venezuela, through native trees we speculate which of these could have contributed to this object and draw on the artist’s personal reflections in the pursuit of understanding an object that has little to no information about its origins, cultural significance or how it came to exist as the sole object from that region of the world to exist within the Textile Museums of Canada collection.

About  the  Artist:  denirée  isabel

denirée isabel is an artist, educator, and dreamer interested in large scale installation, performance, and participatory/community art. Navigating the sticky terrains of emotionality and presence, she creates spaces (physically and symbolically) that prioritizes sharing and healing. While upholding an ethos of experimentation, curiosity, and care. 

With a BFA in Textiles a minor in Art History from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, an advanced diploma in Textiles from Sheridan College. She has completed residencies in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Harbourfront Center, Sur Gallery and The Powerplant Contemporary Art Gallery in Toronto, Ontario. She exhibits regularly in Toronto and Halifax. 


Mending the Museum (2023)
Workshop Series:
   Narrative Charm
   Blackout Poetry
   Play it Forward
   Cloning and Paper Clay


About the Collective
Members of the Collective

Mending the Museum is a collaborative duo comprised of Karina Román Justo and Camila Salcedo. Together, their intent is to work as a bridge between artists, communities, regional museums, and craft objects from their collections, to reflect on ancestry and speculative futures within the framework of cultural belonging.

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