Paola Torres Nuñez del Prado

The Sonic Waraca

Sling (1000 - 1500) by unknown maker(s), Andean, Peru, cotton, camelid hair and bast fibre

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado, The Sonic Waraca (2023), Audio

The Sonic Waraca is a textile controller that refers to a rather forgotten aspect of textile technologies, and that is weapon development (military/war). The waraca has gained a renewed relevance these days as these have been used by Andean inhabitants to defend themselves against the abuses of the current peruvian government when protesting for their rights. 

This Waraca works as part of a quadraphonic sound system, and it shifts the sound among the speakers depending on where it is positioned, while also modifying sounds that come from the protests themselves.

About  the  Artist:  Paola  Torres  Nuñez  del  Prado

Paola Torres Núñez del Prado (PE/SE) explores the boundaries and connections in between tactility, the visual and audio related to the human voice, to nature, and to synthetic ones whose listening is often considered less harmonious, such as machine or digital noises. Her work is essentially complex: she explores the limits of the senses, examining the concepts of interpretation, translation and misrepresentation, so as to reflect on mediated sensorial experiences while questioning the cultural hegemony within the history of Technology and the Arts.


Mending the Museum (2023)
Workshop Series:
   Narrative Charm
   Blackout Poetry
   Play it Forward
   Cloning and Paper Clay


About the Collective
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Mending the Museum is a collaborative duo comprised of Karina Román Justo and Camila Salcedo. Together, their intent is to work as a bridge between artists, communities, regional museums, and craft objects from their collections, to reflect on ancestry and speculative futures within the framework of cultural belonging.

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