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Small Drawstring Bag (1987) by Marilyn Levine, Canada, earthenware

KEndra Yee, Receptacle (2023), GIFs and Ceramic Tile

Marilyn Levine (1935-2005) was a chemist and ceramicist known for working in the style of “Trompe-l’oeil.” She created optical illusions to fool the eye, manipulating clay to have the appearance of leather textures. On Levine’s archived website there is a page titled Quest, seeking to locate works from her collection that have an unknown whereabouts. Some pieces have been found with the descriptions updated, while others remain lost with no confirmation of their existence. At the bottom of Quest the “Small Drawstring Bag,” is catalogued stating it was once consigned to the Galeria Barbara Silverberg in 1988. Within the Gardiner Museum collection sits the “Small Drawstring Bag,” with the credit line listed as ‘Gift of Barbara and Philip Silverberg.’ 

The artwork titled “Receptacle” questions the ownership of objects, comparing the photographs documented by Levine and the Gardiner with a clay tablet that interprets the lifecycle of a Small Drawstring Bag. With attempts to reach out to the donors and no response, it is still unconfirmed if these are the same pieces. Transferring the rights to audiences on the web, interpretations between the resembling images can build alternate stories for the missing object. Perhaps speculation may reveal intimacies of the inanimate vessel, solving the quest of the Small Drawstring Bag.

About  the  Artist:  Kendra  Yee

Kendra Yee (b. 1995, Tkaronto/ Toronto) is an arts practitioner that seeks to materialize the truths and fictions of memory. Yee pulls tales from; personal stories, lived experience and collective narratives to develop site-specific installations that carve alternative archives. Yee has programmed and exhibited with: Patel Brown (Toronto), Heavy Manners (Los Angeles), The Artists Project (Toronto), Juxtapoz (NYC), The Letter Bet (Montreal), Xpace Cultural Centre (Toronto). Upcoming projects include a solo exhibition at Patel Brown (June 22) and The RBC Emerging Artist Residency Program at The Robert McLaughlin Gallery (Spring 2024). / @kendrayee


Mending the Museum (2023)
Workshop Series:
   Narrative Charm
   Blackout Poetry
   Play it Forward
   Cloning and Paper Clay


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Mending the Museum is a collaborative duo comprised of Karina Román Justo and Camila Salcedo. Together, their intent is to work as a bridge between artists, communities, regional museums, and craft objects from their collections, to reflect on ancestry and speculative futures within the framework of cultural belonging.

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