Community Workshop Facilitated by denirée Isabel

Paper Making

saturday January 20, 2024 at 2-4 pm
the textile museum of canada

Drawing from the artist’s chosen collection’s piece – Bark Cloth: Venezuela and their own exploration of materials and plant life as a result. This workshop will explore paper making as a parallel to the process of making traditional bark cloth. Each participant will learn the history and processes of making paper, design their own functional or art paper, and take home several pieces with them. This workshop will provide ready-made paper for participants to familiarize themselves with the material before making their own recycled offcuts, plant matter, and color.


Mending the Museum (2023)
Workshop Series:
   Narrative Charm
   Blackout Poetry
   Play it Forward
   Cloning and Paper Clay


About the Collective
Members of the Collective

Mending the Museum is a collaborative duo comprised of Karina Román Justo and Camila Salcedo. Together, their intent is to work as a bridge between artists, communities, regional museums, and craft objects from their collections, to reflect on ancestry and speculative futures within the framework of cultural belonging.

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