Community Workshop Facilitated by Habiba El-Sayed

Play it Forward

Sunday September 24, 2023 at 2 - 4 PM
Gardiner Museum

Countering the ethos of traditional board games, this workshop encourages participants to create games with the prompt “Giving.” While many games require players to take as much land or loot from each other, in teams we will come up with games that prioritize giving. This prompt can be interpreted in any way, either conceptually or reflected in the game mechanics or objective. 

We will brainstorm and discuss existing cooperative and competitive games that approach the theme, then break off into our groups to come up with our own. Teams will present their game prototypes and show how a round is played at the end of the workshop.

In this workshop participants will:
  • Team up to create boardgames that prioritize “giving”
  • Sculpt pieces for their games 
  • Share their creations with each other 

From the Workshop

About  the  Facilitator:  Habiba El-Sayed

Inspired by Islamic architecture and human vulnerability, Toronto-based artist Habiba El-Sayed combines clay with a variety of materials, performative and temporal techniques to illustrate her concepts. Habiba holds an Advanced Diploma from Sheridan College in Ceramics (2014) and a BFA in Ceramics from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (2016). El-Sayed's work has been shown in galleries and museums across North America and has been featured in publications such as Craft is Political, BlackFlash Magazine, Fusion Magazine and Studio Potter. El-Sayed was the recipient of the Chalmers Professional Development Projects grant (2022), and due to the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council, is currently studying VR/AR development as she begins to integrate new technologies into her practice.



Mending the Museum (2023)
Workshop Series:
   Narrative Charm
   Blackout Poetry
   Play it Forward
   Cloning and Paper Clay


About the Collective
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Mending the Museum is a collaborative duo comprised of Karina Román Justo and Camila Salcedo. Together, their intent is to work as a bridge between artists, communities, regional museums, and craft objects from their collections, to reflect on ancestry and speculative futures within the framework of cultural belonging.

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